The Magic 9 In 1 Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

you want to save time in the kitchen?

even for beginners, this Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket a very smart choice not only to save time but also for a precise preparation.

9 in1 vegetable chopper and cutter


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Main Features

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Wholesome All-in-one mandoline Design

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Comes with Ultra-Sharp rustproof, sturdy, and stainless-steel blades

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Easy to use even for people cooking for the first time

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Equipped with a safety holder for no more wrist pain and finger clipping

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Designed with a rotary large capacity drain basket for draining while slicing

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Comes with an extra traditional peeler

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Can be compatible with a dishwasher

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Cuts different shapes and uniforms in a split of a second

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Made of food grade healthy material

What is the Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket for ?

This all in one mandoline chopper with drain basket comes with 9 different blades for your various cutting needs.

The mandoline chopper with drain basket helps you avoid the hassle and inconvenience of getting into the kitchen and using different tools.

This mandoline can chop, grate and dice all kind of vegetables and fruits like onion, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots with ease.

the cuts of Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket
the Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket washing

The Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket in video

Package content

Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket size
mandoline certificates
In the Box
  • Vegetable Cutter
  • Drain Basket
  • Hand Protector
  • 8 Blades

Material Stainless steel +ABS
Color White/grey
Blade material Stainless Steel
Brand Speedo Kitchen®
Item Dimensions
  • W8.6″ x H5.9″
  • W22 x H15cm
Item Weight
  • 1.3 Lbs
  • 0.6 kg

How does it work?

Multifunctional and efficient 

This Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket is the perfect solution to all cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, peeling and has a unique design with easy operation, you can perform a large number of kitchen actions on this chopper with ease and safety.

Safe & Comfortable handguard

Its ergonomic handle helps have a firm grip in complete safety while cutting vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, capsicum, apples, and more. in one swift motion even the hardest vegies are chopped without a problem.


Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket
Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket in use
the Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket
Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket slices

This upgraded mandoline slicer contains 7 interchangeable blades: 3 sharp different shapes julienne peelers 2mm, 3mm & 4mm, all top-notch stainless steel, perfect for grating any fruit/vegetable like carrots and cucumbers into thin/ thick strips.

2 slicing blades 1.5mm and 2.5mm, these are the regulars for making uniform potato chip and cucumber slices even onion slices would be an easy task with no worries.

The grater blade helps you grate garlic, ginger, onions, carrots safely and easily.

The crinkle cutter or the traditional chopper it slices potato chips with a small v shape on the inside. And finally, the speedo peeler one’s personal favorite, its easy to manipulate and it will make a change in your kitchen helping with your vegetable peeling.

Built-in Drainage

Convenient to cut vegetables and clean them directly through a drainage device by rotating the cutter. It also doubles as a container to store fresh vegetables after draining all water off.


How to clean my Mandoline Slicer :

The best way to clean a mandoline slicer is to gently wipe it with mild soap and warm or hot water.

If this is done after each use, it should avoid food being stuck onto the mandoline slicer and therefore more in-depth cleaning should not be required.

Or if you are just too lazy simply open its hidden blades and put it in the dishwasher you don’t have to worry about anything.


use Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket
Washing potatoes Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

When will I receive my package ?

speedo kitchen fulfillment order processing

Why choose Speedo Kitchen® mandoline slicers ?

We strive to have the best high-quality kitchen tools in the market, as we send out monthly surveys to customers that bought our products to improve on according to customer’s feedback, that is where we get the information to continuously improve our products!

I got this Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket to replace my Pampered Chef one that cost me a fortune. I work at a snack bar at a bowling alley and they purchased this one when we were doing take-out orders during COVID. It is so easy to operate, unlike the other high priced one I had. So, I replaced mine too.

Omar Balla


Bought this Vegetable Cutter with Drain Basket for my son’s girlfriend who is in culinary school and she absolutely loves it. She made us homemade potato chips with it. They were DELICIOUS. I happened to be the one who washed it. Very easy to clean. You can’t go wrong with this purchase. Highly recommend.

Bryan Dign


I purchased this gadget because I am constantly sliding veggies and I needed something that would make it easier and let me tell you, this is an awesome find. I searched several and ended up getting this is and I am NOT disappointed. This is amazing and now my kids help with the veggies. It’s a win/win for me. Truly recommend it.

Lila Badea


I needed a mandolin where my other one broke, however ‘this one, has great blades that pop in and out easily, food falls directly into the bucket and then just a tip and there is the strainer, all in one, where this is just real nice. It has the hand protector that holds real well, especially potatoes and cucumbers where I haven’t had that normal accident yet where I push my hand through where I feel real safe with this one. Love the extras, no cons, can’t think of a single one, where I am very happy with the purchase.

Sienna Kardimi


This is my third mandolin slicer. I have a French stainless steel one that is rusted and the blade is dull and hard to resharpen ( one get replacement parts but they are expensive) and it is real hard to clean and a plebeian version with limited capabilities and not well made. This is a really nice mandolin slI have been cooking a lot since the whole Covid-19 pandemic started. The only tool that I have been using to cut vegetables into different sizes is my kitchen knife, and your hand will get sore from cutting all these vegetables. This vegetable slider makes the job so much easier and I can shorten cooking time a lot more. Also, it is affordable for an item that you can use for a long time. If anyone is in the similar situation like me, I highly recommend this product.

Khalil Badkhan


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