The best affordable kitchen mandolines ever made.

Speedo Kitchen® create kitchen mandolines that make your cooking more easier, more enjoyable and more delicious.
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The Original Stainless Steel Mandoline Chopper

For experts as well as for beginners, the Stainless Steel vegetable chopper is the most elaborated mandoline of the Speedo Kitchen® brand, Its allows you to have endless cutting.

Its straight stainless steel blades offers an exceptional cutting edge. The alveolate ramp is designed to have the perfect slicing of fruits and vegetables along the frame.

mandoline slicer cutter chopper and grater 1
vegetable cutter

Smart Multifunctional Vegetable Chopper

This all in one vegetable chopper is on the most wholesome mandoline of the Speedo Kitchen® brand. It comes with a hand guard to make kitchen beginners as well as professional cut in ease. Its straight stainless steel blades offers an exceptional cutting edge.

All the different parts are dishwasher friendly and its non-corrosive and rustproof.

The Revolutionary Rotary Vegetable Grater & Slicer

Perfect for cooking amateurs, Speedo Kitchen® Rotary chopper can easily replace the risky knife cutting. its 3 interchangeable stainless-steel rasps will allow you to mince even the hardest fruits.

The manual rotary hand crank will effortlessly help you in the process of grinding or grating your favorite vegetables and fruits.

Rotary Mandoline Slicer
9 in1 vegetable chopper and cutter

Magic 9 In 1 Vegetable Cutter With Drain Basket

The mandoline vegetable chopper from Speedo Kitchen® come with a set allowing you to perform many kitchen actions. The drain basket offers total insurance while cutting knowing everything is in one place and not scattered.

its handle will help you get a clean grip while cutting. All the 11 part of the set are stainless steel and it will remain super sharp for a long time.

This is a great kitchen tool for even, quick slicing and grating. I strongly suggest buying cut resistant gloves (level 5) to allow better control and handling of food that doesn’t fit well into the device provided for slicing. The ability to adjust the thickness of the slices is a very nice feature. I bought this mandoline, loaned it to a friend who pickles cucumbers, and she bought one for herself. It’s easy to use since the food accumulates nicely in the “bowl” and easy to clean. I hand wash the parts. I keep the parts in a zip-locked baggy, and store it as well as the gloves, in the bowl of the mandoline.

Rebecca Mandel


The MANDOLINE is exactly what I wanted, purchased to assist my slicing for making handmade chips, candied fruits etc., the only addition I would like would be to have a spiralizer in the unit so that would be only a single piece of equipment. I know this has not yet been accomplished so have 2 pieces that I currently work with and this Mandoline has the right amount of blades for my purposes. I have recommended to family and friends

Mario Pincer


This product has cut cooking time on half and we all know time is valuable for busy households. The blades slide in so easily and you can set the depth to your liking and it’s quick and easy clean up. FYI these are very sharp blades! Make nice clean cuts. Wish I had this year’s ago. When I’m not using it i just store all the blades in the bottom container. I highly recommend getting one if you have been thinking about it. The seller even contacted me to reach out and make sure I was satisfied with their product. Great product AND excellent customer service.

Ali Alïani


I have been searching for the perfect mandolin for years, but each one I purchased was lacking in design and/or quality. This adjustable mandolin slicer is absolutely perfect! It’s so easy to use and clean plus is does everything you could ever want. The container into which the vegetables, fruits, and cheese fall comes with a lid for storage. The blades are easy to insert and remove. I’m so thrilled with this device that I’m finding all sorts of things that I can slice and grate. Price is reasonable and fair, and delivery was fast. I recommend this device highly. I promise you won’t be sorry that you purchased it!

Hector Chofakar


I haven’t used a mandoline slicer for many years. I have been seeing them on the food network and thought I’d give one a try. I am in love with it. It’s so easy to use. A thickness dial which actually works. Four different blades that are easy to change and it’s dishwasher safe. I sliced one potato so fast and so uniform it made me wonder how I ever go a long without it. I DO USE the safety holder … it’s there for a reason and these blades are sharp and it takes a second to put it on the potato or whatever else you are slicing. I love the container and the mandoline fits snug and it all stays where you put it. I looked at a number of these online before deciding on this one. I like the price, the color and the multiple blades PLUS being able to adjust the thickness. I have sliced more things since getting this than I had for years. BUY it .. you will LOVE it.

Sergio Dump


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